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My name is Tom Lohrmann and I am a Writer, Musician, and Consultant from Washington DC. I am a sales and marketing consultant currently working with Old Dog LLC and numerous independent artists and bands while providing vocals, guitars, and bass for the rock duo Sonic Nights. I began work on my music blog in late 2011; since then I have worked with over 200 artists through the blog and accompanying consulting, development, and management services. It has been a privilege showcasing some of my favorite writers on this blog and an honor to meet a number of great artists for the first time through our interview features. I have written for a number of sites since early 2012 and look forward to sharing my voice with new audiences through Entertwine Blog and others in the new year. Listed below are a few of the different projects I’ve been involved in over the years. To plan a private consulting session or to discuss any of the other artist services I offer, along with any potential collaborative efforts, please send me an email. Thank you for taking the time to visit and explore all that this website holds: if there is anything I can do to be of your service, please let me know!


eMail – tom@sonicnights.net

Twitter - @tomlohrmann

Instagram - @tomlohrmann


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Entertwine is a new entertainment blog created by Jacqueline Cassell to showcase the talents of both established and developing artists, acts, musicians and bands all while giving readers an inside and interactive look into the lives of these individuals. Entertwine’s platform allows and encourages their readers to become involved in the interview process while seeking to bring together like-minded enthusiasts from various backgrounds and genres. I have recently begun writing for Entertwine and look forward to increasing my output in 2014. 

Hank & Cupcakes

The Goodnight

Tanner Wayne

JP Bouvet

Molly Williams


Stand Up And Fight – 1916

Against Winds And Tides – Bodh’aktan

Drowning the Shamrock – Jasper Coal

Raise ‘Em All – Irish Moutarde

Letters From the Road – The Ramshackle Army

Northern Virginia Music Report

Over the month of December 2012, I released a report regarding the Washington DC / Northern VA music scene that I spent two years researching. Many of the opinions are my own and come from two years of direct, in person research regarding this area, as well as traveling the country twice in search of acutely documenting how differently other scenes operate musically and socially. I released this report in hopes that it would reach a larger audience and cater to local bands and musicians looking for a “How-To” piece on the area. My opinions are based on my experiences; you are more than welcome to add your input in the comments section below regarding venues, good bands to network with, and good contacts to have around the region. Special thanks to my friends in Carlton, Hank & Cupcakes, Thomas Vilms, Stephen Swartz, and Zach Boucher for their involvement with the project.

SECTION I, INTRODUCTION (Posted December 1, 2012)

SECTION II, BANDS (PART I) (Posted December 3, 2012)

SECTION II, BANDS (PART II) (Posted December 5, 2012)

SECTION III, VENUES (PART I) (Posted December 7, 2012)

SECTION III, VENUES (PART II) (Posted December 9, 2012)

SECTION IV, PEOPLE (PART I) (Posted December 11, 2012)

SECTION IV, PEOPLE (PART II) (Posted December 13, 2012)

SECTION V, OPEN MICS (PART I) (Posted December 17, 2012)

SECTION V, OPEN MICS (PART II) (Posted December 18, 2012)

SECTION VI, FINANCES (PART I) (Posted December 19, 2012)

SECTION VI, FINANCES (PART II) (Posted December 21, 2012)

SECTION VIII, OTHER SCENES (PART I) (Posted December 22, 2012)

SECTION VIII, OTHER SCENES (PART II) (Posted December 23, 2012)

SECTION VII, THE ARTS (Posted December 25, 2012)

SECTION IX, MOVING FORWARD (PART I) (Posted December 26, 2012)

SECTION IX, MOVING FORWARD (PART II) (Posted December 27, 2012)

SECTION X, CONCLUSION (Posted December 29, 2012)

Stompbox Guru

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During the years of 2008-2011, my brother and I repaired, repainted, and restored a number of guitars and basses, as well as a drum set. As 2014 begins, we’re looking to get back into this side of the music business to some extent; our network has expanded and we’ve become affiliated with an innovative amplification company based between Knoxville, TN and Laurel, MD. We still work with a number of printing offices to create special adhesive patterns and designs, and plan to create new guitars and basses from time to time as the years go by.