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Roads To Nowhere is metal band composed of five members from southwest England. The band originated when guitarist Jake Reid and drummer James Spiller were still at school yet has since evolved and progressed into an exciting force within modern metal.The band is influenced largely by the genres of Nu-Metal, Deathcore, Djent and also electronic music, their sound reflecting the music they are inspired by. The band’s sound has been described as “refreshing” and “the equivalent of a baseball bat to the jaw”. Roads To Nowhere is currently writing their debut full-length album. Enjoy our interview with the band below!

How did the members of the band meet and begin writing music and performing together? What is the significance of the band’s name? How has the band changed and evolved since its formation in 2010?

“The band has been in existence in various forms for a long time. Our drummer James Spiller and Guitarist Jake Reid are the only remaining founding members which is quite different for a band our age! Roads To Nowhere was a name (conceived) by a former vocalist who never even played a show under that name! Two years ago when our current vocalist (Tim Toon) and current bassist (Joe Payne) joined the band was when things started really moving forward for us. Our most recent addition is guitarist Dan Owers, who has solidified our strongest lineup yet!”

What is life like in the southwest side of England? What can you tell us about the metal scene of London and its surrounding areas?

“Despite our members being (located all) around the southwest, as a band we are essentially from Bristol, and the scene here is currently thriving! (There are) lots of great venues and even more so great bands who we’re lucky enough to call our good friends! We’re very proud of our local scene and when we’re not playing shows we’re attending whatever other local shows we can!”

The band has shared stages with Upon A Burning Body, Malefice, Climates and Sirens and Sailors; what were these dates like? Are there any other exciting or interesting live performances the band has been a part of?

“We’re so lucky to have had the chance to play with so many great bands. All of those (aforementioned) shows were great! (Playing with) Sirens and Sailors in particular was great fun: we (really) look up to those guys as musicians but as people they were incredible, too. They’re a band (that just left for) Warped Tour in the United States and have played some huge shows; we shared the stage with them at our local, sweaty, 80 person capacity venue (The Gryphon) and (yet) they were so humble about it. We showed them around Bristol as if we’d known them all our lives and they were friendlier than almost any band we’ve played with! If and when we get to the stage (in our career) where we can tour around the world we’d like to take a leaf out of their book in terms of how down-to-earth they were! We’ve had so many great shows and we really love every show we play. Like any band, some shows go well and sometimes you’ll end up playing to no one in the middle of nowhere, but we always try and have as much fun with it as possible because playing (live) is what we love!”

What experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your debut EP “Dead World”? Could you tell us about each of the featured tracks?

“Lots of different lyrical themes (are contained) on “Dead World”, from corrupt governments to (stories of) negative people from our lives. As proud as we are of that EP we are very much more focused on (our new) material! We only play one song from that first EP live these days (‘Dignity’); ‘Dignity’ is an angry old school deathcore song that has evolved with us (throughout) the many years (of the band’s existence). ‘Dignity’ has been a staple of our live set and is still one of the heaviest songs we’ve written.”

What went into the making of the music video for ‘Beneath’? What was it like working with Ben James on this project?

“Lots of organization and help from the great people around us went into that video and we’re still so happy with the result. Ben James was great to work with and everything went so smoothly for our first video!”

What does the writing and recording process look and sound like for Roads To Nowhere? What instruments, programs and musical equipment are used to create and capture your sound?

“Our writing process and recording process very much intermingle. Our bassist Joe currently produces our material and as a result a lot of our writing and demoing has been laptop-based since he joined (after “Dead World”). This is (very beneficial), as his background in electronic music means glitches, synthesizers and effects are incorporated from an early stage in the writing process, meaning they are much more integrated into our sound than would be if they were added by an external producer towards the end of the process. We use a Macbook running Logic and a host of external plugins for our current sound, with Jake playing LTD guitars and Dan playing Schecter guitars.”

What activities and hobbies do the members of the band enjoy in their individual free time outside of music?

“For most of us music is very much our main hobby! Joe, Jake and Spiller all study music full-time outside of the band and Dan and Tim work full-time too! We all have a mutual love for graphic novels and superheroes, though!”

What does the remainder of 2015 hold in store for Roads To Nowhere? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

“There’s no date set in stone yet but we aim to release our album by the end of the year. As a result we don’t have as many upcoming shows as we’d usually have as we’re currently focusing on writing and recording. That being said, we (just played) Newport on June 19th with our boys in Virtue In Vain. We’re excited to play ChippFest on July 3rd, where we’ll be playing at the venue that ‘Beneath’ was filmed at for the first time since it was shot! We’re also co-headlining Massacre Festival 2015 with Shields and TRC (who are both big influences). Massacre Festival 2014 was one of the best shows we’ve ever played, so to be asked back to play alongside so many great bands is a huge honor!”


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