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Siren, an Italian rock band from Pesaro, Italy, was formed in January 2013 and is comprised of Jack Nardini (lead guitar, vocals), Marcus Kawaka (bass, synth, vocals), Mark “Spud” Mckenzie (drums, percussion), and Samuel Frondero (lead vocals, guitar). The band released their debut album “The Row” in March 2014 after a year of work, both live and in-studio. An album of 11 tracks entirely conceived, written, arranged and composed by the ban, “The Row” was recorded in Pesaro at Studio Waves by Paolo Rossi. Siren is on Spotify; enjoy our interview with the band below. 

Siren, Italy, Siren Music, Siren Band, Siren Interview, Blob Agency

How did the members of the band meet and begin writing music and performing together? What is the significance of the band’s name?

“The band formed in January 2013 thanks to Jack Nardini (lead guitar, vocals). The current lineup (includes) Marcus Kawaka (bass, synth, vocals) and Mark “Spud” McKenzie (drums, percussion), with whom Jack attended high school, and childhood friend Samuel Frondero (lead vocals, guitar). Together (we) had collaborated on various musical projects on-occasion, at different times already. After a few demos we had clear ideas: we wanted a full length! The name was inspired by a statue of a mermaid who is in Mark’s father restaurant (where we practice). It seemed suitable, great and simple at the same time, and there is also a double meaning that can be attributed (to the name): sirens, in The Odyssey, bewitching sailors with their singing, as well as noisy police sirens.”

Could you tell us about some of your most exciting and interesting live performances to date?

“(We had a) great show here in Pesaro at Stazione Gauss, another at Le Scimmie in Milan, one at the legendary rock venue Vidia Club in Cesena where we won a big contest, and shows at Legend Club in Milan and El Barrio in Turin. (These last two shows were special) because they are big clubs and people went totally crazy for us.”

What does the writing and recording process look and sound like for Siren?

“It starts with an idea, a riff or a vocal line, which is then developed by the whole band; we are a very democratic group. The lyrics are always the last thing to be developed.”

What events and experiences inspired the writing and recording of your debut album “The Row”? Could you tell us about each of the featured tracks?

Everything was inspiring (during) the making of “The Row”; moods, social relationships, political issues, social problems, love…’Swan’s Tale’ is (the album’s) intro, ‘Dr Saint’ is a social protest, ‘Mission’ encourages overcoming limitations, and ‘Lonely Dance’ talks about sexual perversion. ‘Track ’92’ is about inner journeys, ‘Love is Gone’ deals with a strange love for heroin, ‘Wave’ is a introspective (song), and ‘Roger Sabbath’ is a political denouncement. ‘Carpet’ talks about a crazy night, ‘Spit’ is an ode to madness and ‘Falling Down’ talks about change and (being) reborn.

Who created the band’s logo and album artwork?

“It was our idea but we worked on it with our friend and graphic designer Linchio of Linchio Studio. The album (artwork) represents the point of view from below the bridge, the people furthest from society; the city in the distance represents the current point of man’s evolution.”

Siren, Siren Italy, Siren Music, Siren Band, Siren Interview, Blob Agency

This is your first release through Red Cat Records, correct? What has it been like working with your label so far?

“Yes, “The Row” is our first effort. Distance is not a problem because we are constantly in contact by phone and e-mail. And we love Florence.”

What hobbies and activities do Siren’s members enjoy outside of music?

“Mark practices Kung Fu, Marcus plays soccer, Jack is a trainer at the gym and Samuel…plays guitar and sings all the time!”

Will you be embarking on a tour of Italy in support of your debut album? What else does 2015 hold in store for Siren?

“Yes, we’re playing in Italy and trying to organize an European tour with Blob Agency while we work on new songs.


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