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I recently spoke with the Italian rock group iLLacrimo regarding their new self-titled debut EP (released via Resisto on January 28, 2015). The five songs that make up the album were recorded in Italy and then mixed in North London under the supervision of Matteo Cifelli of La Boutique Studio. Enjoy our interview with the Milan-based music group iLLacrimo below.

Could you give us some background information about each individual member? What is each member’s role, both live and in studio?

“Our front(woman), Federica, is our singing soul and the writer of many lyrical and vocal lines (that make up) our songs. Davide-Kristof Acs (guitarist) is the main composer and writer. Raffaele Lamorte plays piano and synthesizer. Dario Vanoli is on bass, Alessandro Napolitano on drums and Giovanni Lima on keyboards.”

Who or what inspired each of you to pursue a career in music in the first place? How do the styles, sounds, and textures of your favorite artists and acts find their way into your original compositions?

“A career in music is the only career we want to dream of. It’s not really a choice. If you have it in your blood, you need to do everything in your power to keep doing it every day, always better and aiming for higher ground. We all have very different backgrounds, but the real “magic” starts when each part of us perfectly blends when we play together. We work a lot on this aspect, on finding a good balance between every band member.” 

Could you tell us about your most exciting or interesting live performance to date?
“We presented our new EP at the Tuborg Club “Decibel” near Milan some weeks ago. We were astonished about how the crowd welcomed our show.”

What events and experiences inspired the writing and recording of your debut EP “iLLacrimo”? Could you tell us about each of the featured tracks?

“Every song on the EP is very personal to us. We like to write about different themes; ‘Chains in the Cold’, our first single, it’s about the 1905 Russian Revolution. ‘Burning Fields’, the opening track, talks about a man, a woman, and their dreams for a better future. ‘1000 Reasons To?’ is a deep, sad song about love and treason. ‘No Longer’ is about our society and ‘Non Credi’ talks about a lover.”

This is your first release under Resisto, correct? What has it been like working with them so far?

“Resisto is helping us share our music with the world. They are really in-line with our musical style so it’s (been) a very (good match) so far!”

Is there one particular photographer you work with to showcase the band’s image, or are there many?

“Yes. We work mainly with Luca Andrini, who (has done our band photos) and is following us during our major live events. He has an experienced eye that is able to catch every little detail.”

What was it like working with Matteo Cataldo, Samuele Dalò, Mattia Sàssone, and Nobody’s Jay on the music video for ‘Chains In the Cold’?

“Being around so many talented artists was a real fortune for us. They knew exactly what we were looking for our video and we almost didn’t have to say a word. (It was) like they could read our minds! It was a very hard and cold day of work but we are very proud of that video.”

Will you be embarking on a tour of Italy to support the release of your debut EP? What else does 2015 hold in store for iLLacrimo?

“Yes, we have already started and are going to increase our live shows in the upcoming months. Playing live is the best way to express our music and (be in) direct contact with our fans. Meanwhile, we will work on a full album as we’ve received positive reviews on our EP and can’t wait to show more!”


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