With decades of combined musical experience, the duo Fox And Mew aims to fuse together and shift the perception of genres with every song they write. Their debut collaboration, “In Cahoots”, showcases an “undeniably commercial mix of soul, funk, and disco that is influenced by musical greats both past and present”. Enjoy our interview with Fox And Mew below.

Could you tell us how you met and began creating music together? What is it like working together strictly over the internet?

“We met on Cloudkillers, an amazing music community that (encourages artist growth) and promotes music through real human-to-human interaction. After making each other laugh in chat, we decided to put our maniacal, musical brains together and make some tunes. Working strictly over the internet can be tricky, but thanks to Skype it can be done: the key is communication.”

What are your musical backgrounds, as individuals?

“After several years spent as a lead guitarist with various funk groups, Fox (Mark Dawson) became a producer and composer, originally in the electronic sub-genres (Fox has more recently turned his attention to hip-hop and soul). Mew spent most of her childhood and teenage years performing musical theatre and studying operatic legends like Kathleen Battle. Her love of the cinema led to her composing and producing scores and instrumentals. She recently reverted to working as a professional session vocalist as well. Our eclectic backgrounds have really added to the diverse musical sound we bring to the table when we create together.”

Who are your biggest musical influences and favorite musical styles? How do these influences and sounds find their way into your original music?

“While our individual musical influences differ, we both love funk and soul. Big sounds and fancy melodies are always appreciated.”

What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of “In Cahoots”? Are there any prevalent lyrical themes found on the EP?

“Like all other musicians, every single moment of our lives brought us to the point of recording this album. We, as artists, pull from any and every memory, heartbreak, and emotion we can in order to create our art. The lyrics on the EP are all very personal and empowering. They tell tales of love and loss, betrayal and redemption, all things relatable to any listener, which makes the EP extra appealing.”

How do the tracks ‘Maneater’ and ‘Nevermind’ differ from the compositions that were included on “In Cahoots”? How are they similar?

“The biggest difference between those two tracks and the ones featured on the EP is the use of samples. While ‘Maneater’ is musically similar to the tracks featured on the EP in intensity and overall funky goodness, ‘Nevermind’ is softer and more soulful than any of the other tracks, making it a favorite of ours.”

How do you go about writing new material? What is the recording process like for Fox & Mew?

“It starts with Fox making an amazing instrumental bed that then gets sent to Mew to add lyrics and vocals. It is a really fun way of creating music because there is a lot of anticipation and excitement while we wait for each other to upload parts and stems and versions of the track; (at the same time) it can also be maddening, and we cannot wait to be able to be in the same studio working together.”

How has Soundcloud enabled you to share your new music with listeners that may not have heard your material otherwise?

“Soundcoud allows unsigned artists to be heard by listeners all over the world. With the help of Cloudkillers and other music promotion sites/applications, we have been able to drastically increase our international reach. We get such a kick out of getting comments in German, Dutch, Spanish, French, and English.”

You recently ran a remix competition for your song ‘Make It’; this leads me to believe that you are pro-collaboration. Is this true? In what other ways have you collaborated with other artists or producers?

“We are both strong advocates of collaborating as much as humanly possible. It’s not only a great way to grow a skill set as an artist, but also a wonderful way to lighten the heavy lifting associated with digital promotion. Both of us have collaborated with other artists a great deal in our careers, both traditionally in the studio and over the internet.”

Are you currently working on new material for a second EP? What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Fox & Mew?

“We are currently finishing up our second EP and throwing around ideas for the third. We are having so much fun right now that concrete plans rarely get laid; we simply go with the flow and make whatever music comes to us. In the coming months, we will be wrapping up the remix competition, starting a brand new one with more cash and prizes, and continuing to promote the EP, along with writing and producing as much music as we can!”


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