Corvus is a six-piece metal band from Glendale, Arizona who has recorded and released six albums in just five years. The band fuses “heavy guitar riffs and melodic solos, intricate vocal melodies, and pounding drum tracks with lyrical imagery to create energetic listening and live experiences”. Their music has been played on radio stations throughout the southwest United States and they have toured nationally with Trapt, Mushroomhead, Hed P.E., and American Head Charge. Enjoy our interview with the band below! 


What does your band name mean, and how was it decided upon?

“Corvus is Latin for raven or crow. When I was in high school, I was looking at random things as ideas for the band name. I searched star constellations, and Corvus was one of them. I wrote it down in a book I had, as well as other options. One of my friends said he was tired of calling us “that band”, took the book from me, and said, “I’m calling you Corvus”, and the name stuck; it does suit us well in regards to the style of music (we play) and our lyrical content.”

How did you all meet and begin writing and performing together as Corvus?

“Josh, who is our bassist, is my brother. Matt was in another local group we were friends with, and when that fell apart, I invited him to be our lead guitarist. We stumbled upon Alan in a Sam Ash run for supplies. He was playing there in a drum competition, and we were blown away, so we approached him about playing with us. The band’s two newest additions are Izzy on rhythm guitar and Sunny on keys. When our original rhythm guitarist Adam left the band, we tried out a bunch of guitarists, and none fit the bill. We were also in the market for a keyboard player, and made mention (of this) to the potential guitarist, who subsequently turned us on to Sunny. With Izzy, I had previously helped out an all girl metal band she played for, and when we saw she was looking for a new band, we asked if she’d like to try out. Much like Sunny, she completely floored us with her talent, and we’re so happy to have them in the Corvus family.” 

What life experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your latest album “Never Forget”?

“We had just come off the Hed2Head3 tour. Alan actually left the band shortly following that tour, I was having all kinds of personal drama, and we were lucky to find DH to fill the drum position. I could type a novel about all the crazy happenings that were going on, but as I do, instead of writing novels, I churn out albums. We hopped in the studio almost immediately after signing DH and made one of our best records to date. A few tours later, DH left to pursue other things and Alan returned to the band.”

What does the Glendale/Phoenix area of Arizona mean to the band? What are some of your favorite locations or venues to play in Arizona and the surrounding southwest American states?

“We love it here in Arizona. It’s definitely our home. We don’t play here as much as we used to, but some of our favorites are The Marquee, Club Red, and Joe’s Grotto. I’m not sure if they still do shows, but Club 910 was a good time as well.” 

Who are your biggest influences as a band? How are these artists’ contributions expressed or interpreted in your music?

“Most of us grew up on Metallica, Pantera, and Megadeth. I then discovered bands such as In Flames and Soilwork. Then I became a huge fan of progressive music, like Symphony X, Dream Theater, and Pain of Salvation. One of my favorite bands is Weezer, which usually takes people by surprise. Matt is a huge Mudvayne fan, and Josh is into melodic metal. Sunny and Alan dig the insanely technical stuff like Periphery and Animals As Leaders, and Izzy is big on Alice and Chains. I guess it comes out in our music in such a way that it has given us a unique sound. Everybody says we don’t sound like any other band out there and when people do try and compare us to other bands, it’s all over the place with what they say.”

How have you been able to write, record, and release six albums in less than five years?

“A lot of crazy women. I’m a writing fiend. The albums are my little time capsules on where I was in life at that point in time.” 

Could you give us an in-depth rundown of each of your six albums? How has your sound grown and developed over the course of this time?

“Our debut album “We All Fall Down” is our rawest album. I was still learning how to be a songwriter. I was like 16 or 17 when I wrote those songs. “An Affair With Tragedy” (showcases) my learning a lot more about harmony and how to create better melodies. “Fragile Moments” is the first record where everything came together, in regards to my songwriting and the process of recording in general. “The Comfort of Home” was just a natural progression from “Fragile Moments”. It was a little darker and a little heavier and contained lots of synthesizer. “Never Forgive” and “Never Forget” are two of my proudest achievements. Those two records really sum up what we’re all about. We got more technical, the lyrics are some of my most personal, and they really compliment each other well. Each album holds a special place in my heart, though. It’s like trying to pick a favorite child.”

What was it like touring with acts such as Trapt, Hed PE, Wayne Static (of Static-X), and American Head Charge?

“We owe a lot to AHC. They really took us under their wing for that first tour and showed us the ropes. Each tour has been an amazing experience and all the bands have treated us very well. It also went a long way in proving to ourselves we belong. The crowd reactions we got were unbelievable, and for an unsigned band to hang with the big boys has been quite an accomplishment for us.”

You’ve released music videos for your songs ‘Breathe’ and ‘Used’; how did these opportunities come about, and what was it like working on these projects, especially ‘Breathe’ (which was filmed in a boxing ring)?

“Alex Reinhard of Brutal Productions hit us up asking if we’d like to do a video. We checked out his work and were impressed, and the next thing you know, he has us rocking out in a boxing ring. It was a really fun shoot. We got to go crazy and just have a good time. He’s a talented guy and very affordable, so other bands should look into him if they need a video done. ‘Used’ was actually filmed, edited, written and directed by none other than our own lovely Izzy. She’s been a huge asset to the band, not only with her guitar-playing, but also regarding her other talents. She did a great job on the video.”


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