Maybe Neverland is a musical collective based in Southampton, United Kingdom who “proudly and collectively stick to no single genre”. We recently interviewed two of the band’s members (Ransford and Damien) regarding their big plans for 2014, as well as touching on the band’s origins and prior history. Check out the band’s Instagram profile and Kickstarter campaign for more information on their 2014 tour or to become involved in the project.  

Can you give us some background history on Maybe Neverland? How did you all meet and begin performing together?

Ransford (R): “We met at an open mic one night; me and D just wanted to be in a band so we spent about a year finding the right members (for the band). In January of this year (a year later), we (finalized) all the moving parts and Maybe Neverland was born.”

What can you tell us about the music scene of Southampton, United Kingdom?

Damien (D): “I think there’s like maybe two or three solid places; it’s not a massive place. It’s not the greatest place for a music scene I (don’t) think. I think that’s why we’re doing well; even though it’s not the best for music or a (life in music), you can still put your stuff out there.”

Tell us about the initial installment of the DIY Tour that took place in 2013; what was that escapade like?

R: “It was very hectic and a little bit unorganized, but we just wanted to do as many shows as possible so we started off with every single venue and open mic in Southampton and then we did as many festivals as we could get to (all for free). We traveled to Wales and barbecues, anything that wasn’t a “no”. If we had to go to North Wales, we went to North Wales; if we had to go to London, we went to London. It was insane and intense, but it was a good summer, though.”

What life experiences and events led to the writing and recording of your upcoming release “Tinkerdust”?

R: “I would rather have you guys (the readers and fans) listen to the EP and hit us up on any of our social networks and ask us that question; it’s too easy for us to just tell you why we wrote these songs.”

D: “Listen to it and get your own take on it; see what it brings to you, and maybe you’ll get a piece of us as well.”

Tell us about the 2014 DIY Tour; should your project be fully funded, you’ll begin by touring the UK, correct? Where will the journey continue from there?

R: “Yup, we will be doing schools (mostly colleges and universities) after our festival season, so we’re going to start that in September. Then we are going to try and do up to two colleges or universities per day for about two and a half months for our world tour (which begins in 2015).” 

D: “World domination! Literally we just want to go everywhere; we want to see the world, spread music, spread love, and have some cool experience whilst growing stronger as a band.” 

R: “It seems like a really crazy, epic trip but ultimately it’s like a gap year trip around the world with our band playing music (obviously it’s going to be little more organized than that). Essentially that’s what it is we’re going to do, giving back to as many people as we can by giving the gift of music.”

You all have had the opportunity to work together with a number of like-minded creatives (bands, artists, photographers, etc) that share the same mission and ideals as you; what has it been like to exist and work in such a supportive, collaborative environment?

R: “I mean from my standpoint, (I’ve met) lots of really cool exciting creatives over the last two years. I’d say Southampton is a tough place because it’s not teeming with venues or (blessed with) a public that comes to every single show; there are a lot of artists here that are trying to do their thing. I recently put on a festival last year (Happytown Festival) (where) 37 (of the artists who performed) were and are independent artists (next year’s event is going to be in New York). Over the last year, I think the most creative people that I’ve met are on my team now, the Maybe Neverland team, and the EVOY MG team, so it’s nice to exist in that environment every single day, working and writing.” 

D: “I think it’s pivotal as well that you (begin) good relationships with people, especially being where we are (outside of London). When you do meet someone that’s on the same wavelength as you, you connect; you stick with it and maybe it helps you get somewhere closer to where you want to be.”


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