Ricky Rebel is an independent artist from Los Angeles, California. Ricky first came to fame in 2000 when his band, No Authority, was discovered and signed to Michael Jackson’s record label, which was a division of Sony Records. Ricky has worked with a host of well-known and talented artists and producers over the years and is set to release his new record “The Blue Album” on March 25, 2014. Enjoy our interview with Ricky Rebel below!

What was it like recording with Grammy-award winning producer Rodney Jerkins and opening for artists such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lenny Kravitz, and 98 Degrees during your time in No Authority?

“I met Rodney Jerkins when he was 19 years old. He had just finished working on his first album with Mary J. Blige. He was very interested in working with No Authority because we had been discovered by Michael Jackson and signed to his label on Sony. Rodney was a big fan of Michael Jackson and he used to love my impression of Michael. He taught me a lot about recording. It was my first time in a professional recording studio and he was very supportive of my talent and made sure to highlight my vocals. We opened for Britney Spears around the same time that the pop group was signed to Madonna’s label Maverick Records; this was the greatest time in my life, but it was also the most stressful. We were doing constant interviews, flying across the globe to perform and I remember not getting much sleep during this time. It was like a roller coaster. The fans, the big stages, the tour bus, I miss it all. In fact, I am working hard to make sure that that is the direction that my life takes, but this time I want it on my own terms.” 

What inspired the writing and recording process of your upcoming release “The Blue Album”?

“”The Blue Album” was written between 2010 and 2014. I started writing some tracks in 2010 that I could not complete the words to. It wasn’t until I went through a hard breakup in 2011 that I had a burst of writing creativity. Suddenly after my break up, I had a lot to say. Shortly after this breakup I met somebody else that I fell in love with six months later. This album is about breaking up and finding new love again; when your heart is in the right place, you will attract beautiful things into your life.” 

What was like winning the Independent Artist of the Year award at the 2012 RAWards?

“Winning (this award) was such an incredible feeling. My parents were in the audience at the time; we really weren’t expecting to win, we just went there and did our thing and entertained the crowd. I think the foundation that I had set in the previous years finally came together that night. Ever since that moment, I have been glowing. The band and I felt like we finally accomplished something pretty amazing together. It’s inspired us to keep moving, creating, and doing our thing.” 

What can you tell readers about your new single ‘I Adore You’? What has response been like so far?

“The response has been remarkable (as) so many people resonate with the lyrics. I feel like everyone has someone in their life that they love and that’s what this song is about. I wrote it about my current boyfriend, but it’s also a love letter to my fans who have stuck with me from the beginning.” 

Has your voice been featured in movie soundtracks and/or television programs? 

“I sang in the Ron Howard film Apollo 13, the animated film Anastasia, and the pre-Glee FOX television show Boston Public.” 

Do you have any live performances or upcoming recording dates scheduled for 2014 so far?

“The band has two performances at Bar Sinister, the first being March 29th to celebrate the release of “The Blue Album” EP.”


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