RoGizz is a poet and hip-hop artist who originally signed a deal with Dreamworks and moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career. After the deal soured, RoGizz stepped out on his own and began creating and releasing music independently. Originally from Chicago, RoGizz has sought to empower fellow independent artists from his hometown while also branching out into the Miami music scene. He calls his latest release (“Interview with a Schizo”) “one of my best works to date”; enjoy our interview with RoGizz below!


Could you tell us about your musical background? What initially drew you to writing and performing? 

“My love for poetry is what initially drew me towards making music. I love the fact that your own self-expression of how you interpret your life can motivate, inspire, or entertain someone else. I think I’m a one-of-a-kind person, so when I’m able to create music you get an authentic experience. My life is a movie set to music. I want to be a legend at creating music and inspiring people to think and feel deeply.” 

Who or what influences you to write and create music?

“Life in general, as well as the battle between God and the Devil and good and evil. I think the way life is portrayed to be seen is actually different from the actual rules people of status and wealth play with. There are certain laws that can be changed or altered because of the right “legal” campaign donation. At the same time (there are) poor people who spend endless years in jail or walk around with scarlet letters for far less lucrative crimes. I’m inspired by the spirit of Tupac, T.I., and by God to use my natural talent to capture a moment that can be replayed and enjoyed. I want to mean something special to the world because I know I can change it for the better. Being a leader and instilling passion and belief in those around me has always been a fulfilling endeavor.”

Can you compare and contrast the music scenes of Miami and Chicago? 

“Good question! I would say (there is) very similar actually (in each location). It’s all about building the right relationships so you can be heard on the proper channels. Florida has an awesome tour circuit of clubs; Chicago is seasonal but it has a lot of eyes and attention being granted.” 

What life experiences and events inspired the writing and recording of your latest mixtape “Interview with a Schizo”?

“I would say my music plays out like a good screenplay. I’m always trying to create something timeless. I’m always trying to make relatable yet unique music. I think that, especially in hip-hop music, people are scared to be open and honest about their life experiences. I give you the good and the bad.”

Who is Black Blago? How does he differ from RoGizz?

“RoGizz represents love where Black Blago represents greed. I think it’s a constant battle to remain focused in a capitalistic society. I also think life is a very spiritual experience. Both personalities have complex differences in their character and in their belief systems. It inspires me to explore these differences through a musical experience. It is a gift to be a good entertainer and I don’t take my job lightly.” 

Do you have any upcoming performances or recording dates lined up for 2014?

“I’m working on that aspect right now. I want my shows to be top-notch creatively, so I’ve been really working on perfecting the actual presentation of my shows. I’ll be performing at the Riff Music Lounge in Chicago on March 15 and I’ll be doing a lot of events throughout the city during the rest of the month. I’m also partnering with the clothing store RUVilla to do some special promotional shows and events. My life is about to get pretty busy but performing is a true passion of mine and the overall goal is to touch significant crowds throughout the Midwest.”


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