RDGLDGRN, of Virginia, formed in 2011 and recorded their debut album at legendary Sound City Studios in 2012. The band has already worked with musical luminaries such as Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams and has performed at SXSW and on Vans Warped Tour and Jimmy Kimmel Live. This exciting band shows no signs of stopping, and has a headlining performance scheduled for December 29th at hometown venue U Street Music Hall. The band was kind enough to answer some questions about their history and their future for the blog; enjoy our interview with RDGLDGRN below! >>>


Could you tell us how the band formed and began to develop?

“We know each other because we’ve lived in the same town and we went to the same high school. We were a different band before with a fourth member; when we started this new band and were thinking of names we just decided to name it as our own names which are RED, GOLD and GREEN. Put those together and take the vowels out and you get RDGLDGRN.”

Who are your biggest musical influences as a band?

“We have many musical influences; the main ones would have to be The Beatles, Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, Bad Brains, and Minor Threat.”

What is your favorite social media outlet, and why?

“Our favorite social media outlets are Instagram and Twitter. Twitter lets us directly communicate with our fans and see what they’re saying about us. (Using) Instagram, we get to see what pictures of us fans have or fun things like personalized t-shirts or artwork they’ve made when they tag us in pictures.”

How in the world was it working with Dave Grohl on your debut release? An inspiration to so many, that must have been an incredible experience! 

“Working with Dave was an amazing experience. We initially had just sent him ‘I Love Lamp’ and he drummed on that and asked us if we had any more songs. We watched him play song after song for our album, and he ended up drumming on 90% of the album.” 

What was the best part about growing up in the Washington DC music scene?

“Go-Go music is the music of our area. It’s been around for decades and is influenced by funk. Chuck Brown is probably the most famous artist of that genre. Being around that has influenced us in our music and we use the bounce beat from go-go in a lot of our songs.”

How was Warped Tour this Summer? What have been some of your favorite memories so far? 

“Warped Tour was a lot of fun; it was a new experience for us and was also our first US tour. It was really cool getting to know other bands and playing football (soccer) with them at the end of each night. Meeting and seeing all kinds of bands from different parts of the world was really cool.”

What was it like working with Pharrell on ‘Doing the Most’?

“Working with Pharrell was great. We’re big fans of N*E*R*D and Clipse, so to work with him was a dream come true. Watching him work and make a beat from scratch, (as well as) writing with us, was an amazing experience.”

What’s next for RDGLDGRN?

“Our album was recently released and we just finished a fall tour in the US with Pepper. (We’re now playing) Warped Tour Europe during November and then Warped Tour Australia in December.” 


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