Box of Wolves is a hybrid 90’s Summer Nostalgia, ChillWave, and SynthWave music project nursed by The Venom Blog‘s Gabriel Akinrinmade out of the whims of his sundry synth modulator experiments. Highly reminiscent of the sounds of Teen Daze, Com Truise, and Washed Out, Box of Wolves, even to bottom-tier music aficionados, runs like a non-obnoxious transcendental LSD alt-party set list. Box of Wolves also expresses his creativity through visual art, and has done the artwork for numerous musicians, including two of Sonic Nights‘ singles (‘Alien/American’ & ‘Stay With Me Tonight’). Enjoy our interview with this talented artist below. >>>


Could you give us a bit of background history on yourself? What inspired you to begin creating music?

“I have been making music for about 9 years now. I didn’t find the sound I was looking for until 2011, which was when I truly understood the concept behind making something original.”

Who are your biggest musical influences? Do they stay consistent, or have they changed as you have written and produced more material?

“I’ll have to say Goldroom, Gold Panda, Washed Out, Teen Daze, Toro Y Moi, and Destroyer; these guys really opened my eyes. They are all great producers/writers and (create) music they would want to listen to, thus making them unique. What better way to create something genuine than creating it exactly as you envisioned it? They have their signature sounds and you can differentiate each song release by quality and concept, which is something you will find with my releases (as well).”

What is the music scene like in Winnipeg? Has the scene in your hometown influenced you in any way?

“It’s actually pretty good. I caught a lot of bands in this city, both local and international. I’m not one for mainstream big-venue concerts; I think the small venue shows are great. I get to see all these indie bands I blog about and am influenced by up-close observance of their art form in real time.”

You’ve had a good amount of positive feedback on your material through Soundcloud, correct? What has that experience shown you so far?

“That I should start gearing up for more live shows. Haha! I am very fortunate to have been getting noticed, let alone getting all this great feedback without even having the resources to promote myself. (It) makes me think I must be doing something right; it is really encouraging. That being said, the feedback has helped me to really understand what my fans want and what drew them to the music. I try to up the game (with each new) release while at the same time keeping my originality.”

What inspired you to begin creating album artwork for rising bands and artists?

“If you look at Soundcloud alone, there are thousands of bands and producers on there without the resources to push their music or give a good first impression with the artwork of their songs. I happen to be able to do all these things myself without any cost because I posses the skill. I’m very artistic and can do any type of art (painting, drawing, graphic design). On top of that, I am a web designer/developer, which is what I do for a living. I thought “I love doing cover artwork; why not give some of these bands a shot for a small amount”, thus expanding my portfolio (at the same time). “

Which of your visual creations are your favorites? Are you ever completely surprised/shocked by something you designed in the past for another artist, or for yourself?

“I don’t particularly have a favorite, but I really love the cover art I did for my last single “BOY”. I think it’s one of a kind. Some of my best work has been done effortlessly with just the right amount of creativity and simplicity.”


How has your work and artistic creativity progressed over the past year?

“It’s really hard to tell. Although I use new techniques creating these designs, it always comes down to the sound. I always visualize the sound and interpret it on a cover.”

What do the remaining months of 2013 hold in store for you?

“I am planning a second single release with Electronic Rumors. We haven’t decided on a date yet, as all the remixes that will be included in the single are just coming in and the video is only halfway done, but I’m excited about (this release).”


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