Songhammer’s epic music has been inspired by the world of online gaming, fantasy, face-melting rock acts, and fueled by caffeine, sorcery, and ramen. Songhammer is the creative brainchild of Ben Stewart (ShredHammer) and Dustin Miller (CroonHammer). These titans of rock have combined forces to create a style of music that is a perfect soundtrack for the PVP and PVE gaming community, the ComicCon community, live action roll players, and Cosplayers around the globe. Enjoy our interview with the band below, and check out their music on iTunes today. >>>


Could you tell us about how the band met and began creating music together?

“ShredHammer and I (CroonHammer) met in a MIDI class in college somewhere around 1994. We both played in different projects but remained friends. Devanand (DeathHammer) has been in several of Shred’s projects. TimeHammer (Jose Perez) is our newest member at about a year. We found him using a service called Musician’s Contact, a directory of artists looking for projects. It’s a really good resource for both signed and unsigned artists with professional level skill.”

What are your goals as a band, and what audience are you targeting, specifically? 

“Our goal as a band is to raise a hero army and take over the universe; because it may take some time to amass adequate resources for that we plan to play conventions and make rock videos in the interim. We have fun when we rock out or make videos. We want you to have fun watching and listening to them. We definitely connect very easily with the fantasy, cosplay, Comic Con, and gamer crowds. Our music lets us reach beyond our demographic though. We have pop songs that are club suitable, and metal songs that would sit well next to Black Sabbath. A lot of our fans talk about liking one of the songs inside their normal genre range first, and then starting to like others which were outside of it even more. No matter what style we are in we are Songhammer: we have something for everybody.”

Who are your biggest musical influences as a band?

“Queen, Muse, Metallica, Slayer, Tool, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Beatles, The Doors…that’s a really short start to a very big list. If I typed the whole thing out it would look like a digital Noah’s Ark of rock heroes.”

What events of experiences inspired you to create the album “World of Songhammer”?

“We decided to complete a record after winning the 2011 Blizzcon original songwriter’s contest. We won it with ‘We are the Horde’ and it was literally the first thing we wrote as a band. Talk about a good start!”

What went into the writing, recording, and production process of the music and accompanying video?

“After Blizzcon 2011 we went back into the studio- two years later we came out with the magma-infused, riff-serpent laden, juggernaut that is “World of Songhammer”. The video was a true adventure. We enlisted the toughest 100 people and 12 horses we could find and went to the hills to avenge some murdered pilgrims. Sadly Shred’s Dad was among them; Rest In Peace Pilgrim Bill. I don’t want to tell you the rest, but every man woman and child who worked on that video was awesome! It took a year, all our money and all our time, but it was well worth it.” 

What do the remaining months of 2013 hold in store for Songhammer?

“We are in talks to host a YouTube series. We will continue to record as we support our current album. We plan on playing conventions and spreading the Gospel of The Hammer nationwide. It’s going to be a blast!”


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