“In my darkest moments of loss, doubt and pain, I’ve been shown what it looks like to love someone and to be loved. My closest friends didn’t run, didn’t give up, and didn’t let me sink. They stuck with me and brought me to the other side. I hope my music can do the same for someone else.” (Shannon Labrie, regarding her debut album)


Hello Shannon! Could you tell us how you began creating musically, and what or who inspired this process?

“I started writing classical piano pieces at a young age. It was during that time my parents realized I had a gift. My dad (who was an incredible guitar player) was a huge inspiration into my guitar playing and songwriting. After he passed away, I started writing and playing and never stopped.”

Who did you work with to capture the riveting images used on your website?

“Her name is Rae Marshall and she is an absolute gem. My favorite photographer; I hope to use her the rest of my life!”

Your website is a fantastic example of what artist pages should look like. What went into the design of your site?

“I’m actually the one who designed (my website). I’m hoping to work with a professional designer in the near future; it has been great to have 100% control over my content.”

What social networking site do you use to connect and communicate with listeners?

“I absolutely love using Twitter to communicate with my fans. It’s a great way to stay updated and keep up in daily experiences. I love Facebook specifically because my fans can message me privately. I love talking to my fans and listeners(!)”

You will be performing in the nation’s capital at the beginning of November; what excites you most about getting on the road to perform?

“I don’t know if it’s something that has innately been placed inside me and illuminated over time but, I absolutely love touring. Every show is a new experience. It’s constantly a challenge for me to get better and to communicate with people I’ve never met before. It’s a thrill and I may be addicted to it.”

What activities do you enjoy outside of music?

“I love hiking, climbing, jogging, painting, wine and cheese.”

What can you tell us about your debut album?

“It’s an honest expression of my life experiences thus far.”

What are your goals moving forward for the rest of 2013?

“A few goals would include having a solid 2014 headlining tour. I’d like to have a top 10 on the Triple A Radio charts by December, and I would love to buy a house on my favorite street in Nashville!”


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