David Myers Jr is a current student of Musicians Institute and has played around the country and the world with Grammy-winning artist Frank Ocean. He has also played on certain late night shows, namely Saturday Night Live. Be sure to watch the embedded videos as you enjoy our interview with David below! 


Who or what inspired you to begin drumming?

“I believe it was a God-given talent, and I would say growing up in church made me want to begin drumming.”

Who are four of your biggest musical influences?

“I have a lot of influences; my big four would have to be Tony Royster Jr, Aaron Spears, Calvin Rodgers, and Spanky McCurdy.”

Could you tell us about the experience you’ve had at Musicians Institute?

“The Experience I had at the Musician Institute was amazing. I met so many great musicians and learned a lot. The teachers and atmosphere are amazing; you’re surrounded by music 24/7, and that’s a dream.”

How did you become involved with Frank Ocean’s band?

“I got the gig with Frank through my MI connect page, a social networking page we create when we enter the school. His producer who was MD at the time came across my page, liked some of my videos and hit me up about auditioning.”

You’ve played at Lollapalooza and on Saturday Night Live with Frank Ocean. Could you tell us about each experience?

“Lollapalooza was a lot of fun. It was a good crowd it was my first time there so I was amazed. As for SNL, it felt like a dream: everything seem like it happened so fast, but it was definitely a great moment in my career as my first major TV appearance.”

When you are not touring/writing/recording how do you spend your time?

“When I am not writing, touring, or recording I like to just chill out with friends, catch a movie, or go bowling.”

What piece of advice can you impart to aspiring drummers/musicians who seek a career within the music industry?

“I would say always work hard and keep pushing. It can get rough, but you just have to be looking forward to practicing while also getting out there and networking, (trying to) meet as many people as possible. Treat everything as if it was a major gig or studio session, and no matter what always stay professional.”

What’s next for David Myers Jr?

“I am (currently) just producing and practicing, playing around town and waiting for the next opportunity.”


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