‘Dirty Boy’ opens “Doran & The Troublesome Things” with a funky, moving bass and a good drum sound. The reggae and funk influences are evident from beginning, the performance incorporating various different sounds. It is easy to visualize Joseph reaching deep into his soul to release these notes. The guitar is very complementing, mixed well to allow the visual lyrics paint a graphic storyline. The lead guitar and organ parts rail hard before soft, reflective vocals close the opening song.’Gypsy Woman’ features female backing vocals and a pulsating guitar delay. The saxophone/horn parts are intelligent and welcome a the coming of a very fluid, flowing verse. The song is unique and descriptive both instrumentally and lyrically; there are many genres included in this song. The saxophone solo is killer, capping a very strong performance and arrangement.

‘Churchills’ is up-tempo; it is dark and mysterious at times, but dance-oriented overall (like Jamiroquai). There are female backing vocals to support the tag melody, the drums leading the song coupled with a unique lead guitar line. ‘Blue Birds’ is led by piano and an acoustic guitar; this is much different than the other tracks featuring great piano work and interesting chord progressions. ‘Can’t Be Without You’ is the second best track on the album, and is something like new blues rock, lyrically and structurally. This creation would be great live; it just has that solid expressive, true vibe. Again, Joseph is good at painting a picture for the listener to envision a story as they hear the lyrics. ‘Hurricane’ closes the EP with great production and great female vocals throughout the duration of the song. ‘Hurricane’ is strong lyrically and almost spiritual instrumentally. The same progression, bass line, and beats build to a large finishing moment. The way Joseph meshed sounds and styles on this record was very impressive. I look forward to more of his music and wish him and the band the best of luck. Enjoy our interview with Doran Joseph below. >>>

Who or what inspired you to begin playing and creating music?

“When I was about 15 I started going to local Punk and Metal shows. I started smoking pot and drinking and exploring rebellion for the first time. It sounds crazy, but going to these shows with my friends was some strange type of sanctuary for me and I just realized thats what I wanted to do. I saw the guys in the bands playing and thought “I can do this”.”

Who are your biggest musical influences?

“I listen to a million kinds of music so its hard to narrow down, but Black Keys, Ray Charles, and the Temptations are probably where I pick up the most from, compositionally. White Stripes and Bright Eyes are two artists whose lyrics I really enjoy.”

What life experiences or situations inspired the songs on your new album “Doran & The Troublesome Things”?

“I’d say the overall message I’d want to permeate from the EP is that feeling of youthful recklessness. I got very lost at a young age, and a lot of the songs were inspired by looking for help in all the wrong places, and having a good time while doing it. Travels, changes, losing the people and places you were used to, just feeling like an ant in Corporate America, and finding my place in this world were some focuses of “Doran & The Troublesome Things”.”

What do you hope to accomplish both musically and personally as the year of 2013 comes to an end?

“2013 brought some wonderful changes to my life. I moved to Denver, CO with my wonderful girlfriend and that has been a blast, but a lot of work. Professionally, promoting Troublesome Things is my number one goal. I believe in every single song on that EP and want the whole world to hear. As an independent artist, getting publicity is always an uphill battle, but I’m meeting so many people that believe in me, in my work, and in this EP that it’s very uplifting. I am very tied to my professional goals, but I’d like to be a stronger presence in the community. I coach Chess at an Elementary school and I’d like to get my kids kicking ass in competition this year. I want to grow, record, promote, and have some awesome new material for my fans in 2014, assuming the world doesn’t end! Thanks so much to TomLohrmannMusic for the interest in my work! All the best!”

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