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Album Review – “Brews & Raps”

“Brew & Raps” is the new record from Diamond Wood Music’s hip-hop duo Praduh & BP. The album begins with the title track, and stellar production is the first thing listeners will notice. The song was impressive, overall, with an interesting intro and solid group vocals during each chorus. The beginning of each verse was especially strong, and things stay interesting for the majority of the track. ‘Underdogs’ follows, featuring an even stronger verse backed up by tight instrumentation and a certain feel-good vibe. The song’s storyline and lyrical content were the highlights for me, as well as a great bass groove, which stood out in the choruses. ‘Booom’ slowed things down tempo-wise with the best chorus on the album, as well as a strong second half performance and great vocal production.

‘Get Down’ and ‘Funny People’ made up the middle of the nine tracks I reviewed, and were a bit weaker than the rest of the bunch. I personally was not feeling these two due to average lyrical content and grooves, but I can see either of these two being licensed for film, playing in the background of a party scene. ‘Boomerang’ picks up where the previous tracks left off with great enunciation and sensational production quality. This song moves well with excellent backing vocals and attitude, and is one I would highly recommend. The farther along the album goes, the more different it gets. The album closes with ‘Noise’, ‘Bottle Rocket’, and ‘Impressive’. ‘Noise’ was my favorite of the three, showcasing a very good, intriguing concept with an intelligent storyline and chorus.

san fran, giants, 49ers, football, baseball, rap, hip hop, west coast, frank gore

The production on this record is spectacular, done solely by Praduh, one half of the west coast duo. Each song is full, and does not necessarily lack anything. This duo could benefit from a stronger first verse (lyrically) in many of the songs (namely ‘Booom’, ‘Bottle Rocket’, and ‘Impressive’), which would certainly work to best capture the full attention of listeners. Some tracks do carry on a bit longer than necessary, and some lyrical performances are stronger than others, but overall this is a very solid debut album. Many of the choruses work well, most of the songs are interesting and well-written, and as I mentioned before, the production is very, very good.

Could you tell us about the duo’s musical background? 

“BP and PraDuh have been writing, producing, recording and performing their music for five years. BP and PraDuh have been working together for about two years now and during that time they have collaborated on two solo mix tapes, two solo full length original albums and now their first duo full length original album “Brew N Raps”.  PraDuh has been recording and producing hip hop music for the last five years and he is now the in house engineer as Diamond Wood Music creating most of the original music for all the Diamond Wood artists.  Prior to Diamond Wood Music, PraDuh was one of the lead vocalist in an experimental hip-hop/rock band called “The Realist” for three years and together they released an EP called “When Doubt Meets Victory” (which was produced in one of Sacramento largest and most reputable professional recording studios). With “The Realist”, PraDuh got a first hand look into the music industry from touring the west coast, working with professional producers and working with independent music labels. Before signing with Diamond Wood Music, BP was in a three member hip hop group called TOD and they had a sound similar to the Cotton Mouth Kings.  For two years they were a local favorite here in the Sacramento area and with all three members having a motocross background they became a instant favorite at all of the local race tracks in Northern California.”

Who are your biggest musical influences?

“Like a lot of the current west coast hip hop artists, PraDuh grew up on Los Angles legends such as Tupac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice cube, and Daz & Kurupt.  Most importantly, his musical influential roots can be traced back to classic Bay Area artist such as Mac Dre, Andre Nickatina, E-40, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, along with all of the members of the Hieroglyphics, and the Living Legends. More recently PraDuh’s musical influence has come from artists like Savage C of Nocturnal Hustlers and POS of Rhymesayers. Even though PraDuh is influenced by established hip hop artists, he also spends a lot of time in thrift stores, old record shops and garage sales sifting through old vinyls in search for the rare unheard oldies; these gems are probably the the most influential to PraDuh. Just like PraDuh, BP also is fan of the classics and you can follow his musical inspirations back to all of the same classic Los Angeles and Bay Area hip hop legends. Although in contrast, BP’s natural, high energy, in you face style is a derivative from artists such as Eminem, Mac Dre, and Sacramento legend Brotha Lynch Hung. Most importantly though, BP is most influenced by his life experiences of growing up in Northern California. This bio narrative style is evident in his lyrics, providing listeners with in-depth narratives of his life experiences, all while bringing slight humor to these situations.”

How has your west coast location influenced how you write music?

“That famous west coast sound has been engraved into their respective lyrical style. On “Brew N Raps” you can easily identify that beloved back and fourth west coast style that was prevalent back in the 90’s along with a high energy twist heard in a lot of the the modern hip hop music out of the west coast.  From a production point of view, PraDuh’s beats preserve that classic west coast sound of deep bass accompanied by an appropriate level of snares, a unique twist on vocal harmony that derives from the classic west coast vocals and just enough synthesizer to make the beat complete. PraDuh’s beats easily identify with classic west coast style, but he adds a refreshing twist on the style to make his own unique sound.”


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