Jon Schneck, from Eustis, Florida, is the lead guitarist for Relient K. Schneck joined the band in 2005, at a time when Relient K was recording their fourth full-length record “Mmhmm”. Schneck has also played with Audio Adrenaline; we were lucky enough to interview him here on the blog. Enjoy!

You’re a PRS artist, correct? What is the best part about playing their instruments? 

“The QC (quality control) on their instruments is second to none. You can change the gauge and tuning of a guitar on the fly and not have to worry about intonation or anything. They look and sound great.”  

 What other guitars are high up in your arsenal? Any classics or unique finds? 

“I have a ’62 Gibson B-25 that was my Dad’s high school graduation present. That is probably my most prized guitar. It’s not worth much, but it sounds so amazing and obviously means a lot to me.” 

Do you generally run through the same amplifiers live & in studio, or do you like to switch things up between the two from time to time?

“The studio is anyone’s guess. We bring in all of our amps and gear and just have a good time. Live, I keep it simple. I have actually been using the Pod HD 500 with an OCD pedal in the effects loop. It works and has sounded great running through my ’82 JCM 800.”

 What are two of your favorite pedals on your current board? 

“The OCD has been unbeatable for me. That pedal is just great; sounds good with singles and hums, and I can use it as a boost or to make it scream. I really like the JHS Sweet Tea as well.” 

Have you sold any gear that you wish you held onto? 

“Gosh, this list is long. (I had) a Fender Custom Shop NoCaster relic black on black that was rad. (Also), a ’78 Les Paul in wine red, and a 2011 VOS 58 Les Paul. I actually wish I still had my first guitar that I ever got, which was a Peavey Predator. It was a Strat knock-off, but it played and sounded great. (There was) also a Custom Shop Tele that I let go. There are probably about 10 I’d like to have back.”


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