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Like the mythical bird rising from the ashes, Phoenix (Arizona) based Prehab enjoys a story of resurrection all its own. The Arizona foursome spent the mid 1990’s playing as The Bedspins in the Southwest. Between 1993 and 1998, the band logged more than 500 live shows preforming energizing sets of mostly original songs.

The Bedspins became a songwriting machine working under producer Andy Barrett of Gin Blossoms and Stevie Nicks fame. In 1998, after five years of pounding the pavement, they decided to take a sabbatical exploring other interests. In 2007 two dramatic events occurred to pull the former band-mates back together. What started as a song catalog project, soon evolved into the reunion and a band that everyone was proud to be a part of.

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“I Haven’t Been Completely Honest” begins with a phone call and ‘Liar, Liar’. This track heads into a rocking verse, and the stellar production is evident from the get-go. The vocal play between the lead and echo lines fits nicely, and the vocal inflection is mature and strong. This song sounds radio ready and gave me a Police vibe with its entrancing story line. ‘The Last Time’ follows with a more country, introspective feel over top more great production. This tune is personal lyrically and emulates folk rock style on occasion. ‘False Horizon’ pounds away with a grungy, Nirvana style intro and then translates into an urgent, high tempo song. Glimpses of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden flash by during this great performance.

‘Not Coming Home’ is again up tempo, and incorporates punk rock themes and simplicity which make for a catchy tune. The subject of the song is cliche but excellent and straightforward in its own way. The story line is ever developing, with a chorus tying everything together nicely. Another great feature is the crystal clear guitar tone during the solo break. Speaking of, ‘Breakup Song’ rounds out the bunch with a very ’90s approach, a bit of a backwards story line, and another guitar solo that again creates interest. As I mentioned before, the production is great on this record throughout each each song. A couple of Prehab’s tracks seem to drag a bit on this record, and some take a bit of time to find their groove, but overall the instrumentation is solid and the tunes are intelligent and emotive. Don’t miss ‘Liar, Liar’ & ‘False Horizon’!


-You wrote that “Prehab is realizing your life can’t continue as it is, and major change is about to happen; so why not squeeze out one last drop of decadence before the inevitable.” How does this apply to the band personally?

“The statement is about knowing you are running out of time in terms of living on the edge. It’s about taking advantage and enjoying that last sinful taste before you change your ways. The members of Prehab have all experienced this feeling at one time or another.”

-What was it like sharing the stage with bands such as Violent Femmes and Bloodhound Gang back in the ’90s?

“It was amazing. It’s great to have had all the crazy experiences back then and to play with the same guys today.”

-What was it like working with John Hampton?

“John is a one of a kind! He is a multiple Grammy winner and has an amazing ear. It was great for the four of us to be in Memphis together as well. We had no distractions and were able to just have fun and play for four straight days.”

-What bands inspire and influence your music?
“All of us have different influences that range from Dylan to Dr. Dre. We love anything that (with) passion behind it.”

-What’s next for Prehab?
“We are writing new music and putting together a CD release show. We want to keep playing as long as possible. Please visit our site and say hello.”

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