Mike Leslie Band – EP Review


Mike Leslie Band

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“Mike Leslie Band – EP”

Album Review by Tom Lohrmann

Today’s album review is of “Mike Leslie Band – EP” by Mike Leslie Band. Hailing from Jack White’s hometown of Detroit, Mike Leslie Band is a three-piece rock group influenced by Elton John, Elliott Smith, and the Beatles. You can find their music on their personal website.

The EP begins with “Notice”, a groove track with a Stone Temple Pilots vibe. The pre chorus is very memorable and features an excellent lead guitar part. This track sounds like it belongs on alternative radio, and the vocalist’s tone fit the genre very well. “Embers”, the second song, contained guitars that meshed well together, as well as nice phasing on the vocals. This song displayed the band’s softer side while still staying true to their original sound.

“Nothing to Lose” seems inspired by artists such as John Mayer and Gary Clark Jr, and presents a cliché but memorable guitar line over top of a solid bass line. “Sickness” gives off a 90’s earth rock vibe, positive lyrical elements in the chorus, and a jungle style percussion section. The album finishes with “Sooner or Later”, a retro-sounding song that works well with the drums. The song’s soft vibe closes the record well.

The production on this album was solid throughout. My album highlight was “Notice” due to the brilliant Crybaby Wah guitar line that was featured prominently. I wish Mike Leslie Band the best of luck in their musical career. Take care.

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