The New Importance of Album Artwork

Sept 19, 2012

Why Album Artwork Will Become Important Again

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As digital single/album sales have increased over the past decade, album art has shown a steady decline. Many artists have seemed to show a lack of interest in the concept of album art, seeing as it’s main function was to attract buyers in a tangible store. As record labels crumble more and more every day, album artwork WILL come back to a resurgence.

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1. Album Artwork must be viewed as Artist Artwork now. No longer can one afford to overlook this intrinsic step in the recording/marketing/selling process. Art now defines artists. They are defined by what they wear, how they look, what fonts they use, and how tacky/classy their artwork looks. Artists must now coordinate all press releases (whether they be music, video, or picture) in order to draw the listener in. No longer can an artist skip over this important step of marketing/branding/catering to the listener. Art must be fluid, accurate, and must contain the “WOW” factor in order to most effectively market the artist or band.

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2. Artists/Bands have the ability to brand themselves overnight through their use of artwork. Remember the Rolling Stones? Remember the first use of their tongue logo on the cover of “Sticky Fingers”? The Rolling Stones were able to create a cult-like effect following the release of their ninth studio album, all because of a simple logo that resonated with fans. This logo went on to become forever attached to the band, and is immediately recognizable in any country.

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3. Many digital stores have switched over to a more art-friendly format, showcasing new bands through their album/band art, which allows listeners to make decisions based off of a visual choice. Only art that makes an impression, or raises questions, will be effective. In order to do so, one must consider their audience, their likes/dislikes, and the culture. By doing so effectively, an artist can create a firestorm not capable through music alone.

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