Sept 13, 2012


From August 28 to September 7, Arthur and I spent our time in Orlando, Florida, recording three new (old?) songs, filming the official music video for “Friday Night”, and filming a Live DVD performance at Full Sail University.

We began the journey at 4 am, driving through the night and excessive rain to reach Orlando at 5 pm. Our 2000 Toyota Camry was packed full of our touring gear and our clothes. We immediately set up our equipment once we arrived at our friend, Andres’ house, and began working on the songs for our performance two days later. We would continue to rehearse each day until August 30, when we stepped on stage at Full Sail to play a 40 minute set that was professionally filmed from many different angles. The first video from our set is below:

After our performance at Full Sail, I recorded a new vocal line to “Back In My Head” on campus with Ed Tinley, who did some work with Liz Phair back in the day. We had a good time talking about his time on the road and his fond memories of touring. The next two days were reserved for the filming of “Friday Night” with Joshua Fletcher (Fletch Power). The first day, we shot outside in a field as the sun went down, and then headed back to the house to film the party scene. This was the craziest night of the entire trip, no question. Joshua’s crew completely changed the look of the house, turning the living room into a club scene in a matter of minutes. As we watched everything take place, I couldn’t help but realize how awesome everything looked. We continued filming until midnight or 1 AM, and then continued the party until we all passed out. The next day was reserved for two locations; an abandoned building right off the main road, and a nature conservatory in the midst of the city. The abandoned building looked like something straight out of a blink-182 music video, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. After wrapping up there, we headed towards the downtown area to film the final scene at night in the woods. We were strapped up with glow sticks and outrageous costumes to reenact the video’s dream sequence, and after finishing the shot we headed back to the house for a night off.
travis barker, blink-182, abandoned warehouse, building

orlando, florida, filming, music video
The next two days were full 12 hour studio sessions at Full Sail, and after those two days, I can tell you that there is no such thing as a good 12 hour day. I say that a bit sarcastically, but after you have been playing, singing, and listening all day, the only thing you want to do is relax and do nothing. While these two days were productive, there was a ton of time wasted and definite sequences that could have been handled more efficiently. Either way, at the end of the day, we will have three new tracks that we will be distributing for free in the coming months. 
On the final day, we headed to Tropical Smoothie for our last meal in Orlando, and then Arthur and I headed home, arriving in Vienna at 7 AM, making the trip in less than 12 hours for the second time in a row. The trip was fun overall, and I cannot believe that my month-long couch tour has finally come to an end. August flew by, and I can’t believe how stories I created and experiences I shared. Those thirty days will remain some of my favorites for a long time…maybe until it happens again, for that matter.
Thank you for reading this update. It means a lot to have people following my moves. I can’t wait to show you all the fruits of our labor in the soon-to-near future. You won’t be disappointed, I can guarantee you of that.

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