Gear Talk – Nathan Man

JULY 31, 2012

Today I decided to chat gear with Nathan Man.

-Tell us about yourself and how you began playing music. 

“I’m an 18 year old soon to be freshman at Liberty University, I started playing violin when I was about 6, and picked up the guitar in the middle of 8th grade, bass came along about a year later. I played in all sorts of orchestras growing up and played guitar/bass primarily with the student ministries at Mclean Bible Church.”

-Who are your biggest influences?
“My biggest influences would have to be bands like Coldplay and U2 (of course) , but also stuff like Switchfoot, Mat Kearney, The Killers, Even Angels and Airwaves and Blink.”
-What is your favorite delay pedal? 
“This is a tough one…delay is definitely my favorite effect and I run multiple delays on my rig, I guess my “favorite” one I own right now is the Way Huge Aqua Puss analog delay, It’s what makes my rig unique. It’s got a great ambient sound to it and it almost adds some gain to your signal, play it with a slide and some overdrive and it’s absolutely beautiful.”
-Do you use an Overdrive/Distortion pedal, or get your drive from the amp?
“I run two overdrive pedals, I’ve got a maxon od820 pro and a fulltone OCD, both complement each other really well, a lot of guys like to “stack” their overdrives and use them simultaneously but I actually like running them individually and only one at a time.”
-What’s the craziest pedal you have on your board? 
“The “craziest” pedal I’ve got is this old mxr phaser, I rarely use it but it comes on for solos from time to time, only one knob, If I turn it all the way up and combine it with the Aqua Puss it sounds like an alien spaceship that runs on pipe organs…Yeah I’m going with that explanation.”
-Any impulse pedal buys that you regret?
“Haha no impulse buys (yet) but I did have an impulse trade I regret, I traded delay pedals with one of the worship leaders I know because his had more settings but the tone on mine was so much better, I was like a sophomore in high school and didn’t know better.”
-What major artists have the best boards in your opinion?
“This is tough too, alot of guys have great setups but it’s really more about having the right pedals and knowing how to use them than it is having lots of pedals, As far as major artists, no guitarist will ever have a setup like The Edge, his system of effects is absolutely ridiculous, but other guys with great gear that come to mind are Jonny Buckland from Coldplay, Drew Shirley from Switchfoot, Sean Cimino from Foster the People, and Nigel Hendroff from Hillsong.”
-What is on your iPod right now? 
“My Ipod’s got a bit of everything but as far as stuff I’ve recently discovered and am actively listening to, I’d say Young the Giant, Bon Iver, Hillsong’s Cornerstone album, Gungor, and The Script. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head anyway.”
 -What amp do you currently use?
“Right now I’m running into a Vox Custom Series AC15, It’s a beautiful amp and I recommend it.”
-What’s your go-to guitar for live performance?
“My go to guitar is definitely my American Special Telecaster, just a good old american tele, no mods, no changing out the pickups or anything, I really like this guitar because the tone and pickup controls are really responsive and it gives me the perfect amount of versatility for different sounds.”
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