Interview – Taylor Hart

Today I sat down with Taylor Hart, a musician from Loudon, VA. He and I worked together on his debut “Perfect Love EP – Taylor Hart“, which was produced by Richard Wynne

-Tell us a little about yourself.

“My name is Taylor Hart. I’m a part-time worship leader at Bedrock Community Church, a graduate student at Liberty University. I seek to glorify the Lord through music, and all that I do, although I need to improve on this (it’s a process!). We are created to worship Him, and we find our highest measure of fulfillment when we worship Him as a lifestyle, loving Him in everything; not just music.”

-Who are three of your favorite artists?
“I’d say my top 3 would be Hillsong, Taylor Swift and John Mayer. I dig Chris Tomlin as well.”
-How long have you been playing guitar?
“I’ve been playing for over 9 years so far, singing for more than that.”
-What are your three biggest musical influences?
“As far as musical influences go, my whole philosophy on life is built on the worship of Jesus Christ, so that’s number one. The author of sound and song Himself! Again, I dig John Mayer’s guitar skills; Lincoln Brewster is another good one. SRV of course. I feel like my writing is similar to Chris Tomlin’s, in that it’s pretty straight forward and overt in message. Hillsong as well.”
-Which song off of “Perfect Love” should listeners check out first?
“I like the audio quality of the title track “Perfect Love” the best, so that’d be where I’d say to start. I’ve actually rewritten “Enough” and “Jesus’ Blood”, and a line in the chorus of “Speechless”, so that factors in as well. I think “Enough” is the most personally meaningful song I’ve written, as it was derived from my personal experiences that God led me through in His Faithfulness, including sin patterns and doubt, in which He proved Himself to me. God is the God of logic and truth, as well as Love, mercy, and faithfulness!”
-What is playing on your iPod right now?
“Lol, actually I’m still in the dark ages with cds and my laptop, which I hook up to my car speakers. Lol no iPod, but I rock T-Swift, Hillsong, and Chris Tomlin regularly.”
-What artists have listeners compared your music to?
“I suppose I haven’t heard many comparisons, but I’d say Chris Tomlin.”
-Any plans for new material?
“As a writer, I’m always writing and rewriting, and if the opportunity presents itself to record again soon, then God will provide the door and the key just like He did with Perfect Love. I had no intention of recording that EP, and then God just sorta dropped it into my lap! He’ll provide for His Will if we’re faithful to Him!”
-Playing any shows over the Summer of 2012?
“I’ve got a couple dates booked in Lynchburg on April 27th and May 19, and am down with playing more as well!”

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