Diamond - Song About Good Life

from The One I'm After, released 07 June 2011 
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Tom Lohrmann & Richard Wynne

Here is the professionally recorded/mixed/mastered version of "Diamond". It is a song about good life. A time when everything was easy. I hope you enjoy it! 

This song is about growing up, and looking back, seeing how life was before. Everything was so easy, no one worried about anything, and life was good. Now, all we do i worry. Worry about what schools we get into, worry about what jobs we get, worry about what other people think about us. Why can't we just go back to a simpler time? 

This song brings together a few different genres of music to really spread out the musical influence. Be sure to download this song and others, and spread them around to your friends if you enjoy what you are hearing. 

Song about dreaming. Dreaming about success. Finding where your heart is. Finding what fits you. Finding what makes you. Finding what drives you. How do you dream? What do you dream of? 
Song about good life, as categorized under the Blueprint. Song about luck, as categorized under the Blueprint. Song for sleep, as this is an easy one to fall asleep to. What a slow, melodic, easy, beautiful song. So nice.
I want you to know that I will never let you go 

There is only you, I try to sleep, but I can't you're all I think about 

The wasted summers of our youth, when we grew too fast 
We couldn't wait til we were older, now we don't stand a chance 
We had it all so easy, they were right and we were wrong 
The days went by so quick, as we walked along 

And I want to be there, but you just won't let me 
Think of everything and please just don't forget me